About Us

EGOSOLEIL is a contemporary fashion brand founded and Designed and Made in New York City.

Our designs feature a wide selection of day to play outfits that mirror the vibrant city life where many women establish a foothold in business and passions. We design contemporary styles in every collection that play on color and create a limitless, effortless juxtaposition that mimics everyday life.

We offer a mix of edgy designs that push limits and explore what's possible with pops of color, unique styles, and an international design appeal. Our designs focus on quality and exceptional fabrication to suit the aspirational and the bold.

Design Team

Our design team is made up of European / UK trained designers and American designers to create a fusion of cultures and represent a crossroad in contemporary designs that push limits and explore style through a prism of colors as much as can be imagined or desired.

Our team works in unison to interpret trends across the globe in Paris, London and elsewhere then translate what it is like to be designed and made in NYC to bring you something bespoke for everyday casual wear, evening wear, lounging, cocktail attire or just a night on the town. #egosoleil