#WhereIHang is targeted to finding chic hangout spots around the Los Angeles, London, and New York City where the Ego Soleil woman can eat, drink, and relax. When the Ego Soleil woman is not at work or play, she can be found exploring the city to discover new places to relax. These women have their staple hangout spot but love to explore the city and discover new spots to enjoy a beverage and a treat with or without company. Throughout Los Angeles, London, and New York City there are thousands of places where the Ego Soleil woman can revitalize their spirits to continue being strong and successful.


Los Angeles



Ledlow is perfect for the Ego Soleil woman who loves comfort food but in an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. The restaurant is very spacious and give off the vibe of a trendy, modern eatery. You can find the Ego Soleil woman here during her lunch break or for dinner with friends.

Copa Vida


Copa Vida is a great spot for the Ego Soleil woman to grab a quick coffee and enjoy a nice breakfast before starting the day. The “Your Way” menu choice allows you to have two eggs your way, bacon or sausage patty, potatoes or arugula salad served with house made toast giving the Ego Soleil woman the hearty breakfast necessary to be able to energize the Ego Soleil woman for a day of work.





Sketch is known for its decorative rooms which look like they belong in a movie. It is the destination for afternoon tea or a lovely dinner. The restaurant has rooms reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland with its mystical yet mysterious vibes. The bright pink seating areas bring the Ego Soleil woman into her element with its feminine vibes.


The Wolseley 


What was once a car showroom is now an incredible restaurant with a grand interior. The high ceilings and simplistic decoration make for a great place for the Ego Soleil woman to enjoy some fine dining. The Wolseley is known for its spectacular breakfasts, it’s prestige, and its use of real silver for silverware. The Wolseley looks and makes the Ego Soleil woman feel like royalty with every bite.


New York 

Happy Bones 


 Happy Bones is the coffee shop for the Ego Soleil woman who loves the white-themed aesthetic. The coffee shop features various artwork and books for their customers to enjoy. It is the perfect place to work for the Ego Soleil woman to sit by a window or at a table. In addition, this coffee shop is the perfect place to take an Instagram photo. The modern architecture of the barista bar features clean lines and bespoke elements much like the aesthetic of Ego Soleil styles.


La Colombe Torrefaction 


La Colombe Torrefaction has four locations in NYC. They are known as a very high-energy, well-lit, strong coffee. La Colombe Torrefaction is the perfect cafe for the Ego Soleil woman who needs to fuel up before a busy day. The Ego Soleil woman can sit down and enjoy a cappuccino while getting some work done.

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