What do Ego Soleil Women have in their handbags?

Handbags are like mystery boxes, because you never really know what is in them. One day you decide to look through an old handbag and bang! That is where you find that set of keys that you thought were forever lost. For some reason, people keep stuffing their handbags with things that they might need, things that we like to call ¨just in case¨. In order to stop this overfilling, we decided to give you a little insight on what Ego Soleil women have in their handbags.

One thing is certain: Ego Soleil women like to be fashionable and sunglasses are the perfect statement accessory and a must have in your bag. They also have the added bonus of protecting your eyes from the harsh sunlight.

Ego Soleil women like to look great at all times and in order to be sure of this, they always carry a mirror with them. Of course, some makeup is always welcome for retouching it throughout the day. After all, looking flawless is key.

Finally, taking great pictures is one important aspect of our lives. In order to take the perfect snapshot, a smartphone with a good camera is a must and it also helps with keeping up with what happens on social media.