Versatile Scarfs

Scarves are an essential for the Ego Soleil Woman, especially in the fall. She can style them all year round and have scarves of different sizes, styles, and fabrics. While some women may think of scarves as a trivial accessory, they’re versatile and can make any simple outfit pop!


Check out some different ways the Ego Soleil Woman can tie a scarf!


Loosely Tied



Who doesn’t like a loosely tied scarf? This tie brightens, and makes a simple outfit comprised of basics look so fashionable.


Side Tie



 The Side-Tie can bring a pop of color to any minimalist outfit. This method of tying a scarf appears luxurious and glamorous, especially with a matching bag. Not only is the scarf a trendy accessory, but it adds dimension to a monochrome look.


Bandana Style 


 Who doesn’t like to feel a little edgy? Tying a scarf around the neck brings a hint of flair to a rocker chic outfit. With a pair of motorcycle boots and sunglasses, no one can stop the Ego Soleil Woman.


Purse Handle 


Do you ever feel tired of wearing the same purse over and over again? By simply wrapping a scarf around one of the handles, your bag has a whole new look.





The Ego Soleil Woman never fails to be stylish, and adding a headscarf is a simple way to look posh and chic. A headscarf can easily fix a bad hair day or spice up a slick back look.


Bow Style 


While more often you would let the scarf drape around your neck a little lower, it can also be tied in a bow adding a fun twist to your outfit. Above, Elly Brown is wearing a scarf by Ego Soleil in collaboration with Samantha Warren.


Scarves are effortlessly chic like the Ego Soleil Woman. This statement accessory is so effortless, yet so simple and elegant. The scarf is such a simple way to spice up an outfit.


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