Thumbelina Purses, the perfect accessory for Spring

If you look at any woman's closet, you will most probably see many handbags and many pairs of shoes. It seems like we can simply not get enough of them. The only problem with having more than one handbag is having to move everything inside it every time we change bags.


One other question that probably crosses your minds is which handbags are trending this season? Well, as it was seen on different runway shows, it seems that it is time to switch to small handbags. You can't really carry many things in them, but if you have read our article about what an Ego Soleil woman should have in her bag, you already know the essentials.


You know what they say: less is more and Hermes has embraced this style by creating miniature, leather purses that mimicked the shape of matchboxes. To be honest, we are starting to dig this type of style and our backs will definitely be happy about it too.

Valentino took an edgier approach to tiny handbags, using chain straps along with more heavy duty materials. On the opposite side there was Fendi, which decided to take a more feminine approach and use baby pink shades with small flower prints and the result was simply adorable.