The Ideal Outfit for Spring

Spring is here and if there is one thing that comes to our minds is enjoying the great weather. As usual, there is always one problem that we all face: what to wear. Well, there is no need to worry, because Ego Soleil has got you covered.

The Spencer Top combined with the Lyric Short are the perfect outfit for those hot Spring days. The added bonus is that besides it being a comfortable combination, it is also fashionable.


The outfit takes its inspiration from the streets of New York City and the architecture of the buildings that the city is famous for. Combined with the colors of Spring, the Lyric Short mixed with the Spencer Top, is definitely the outfit that you should be wearing this season.

They say that an outfit can make or break your confidence and this one surely gives you a boost. If you are skeptical about it, you can try to see for yourself. You might soon find it hard to leave the house without your newest favorite outfit by Ego Soleil. Be careful, it causes fashion addiction. So, do not say that we have not warned you, wear it at your own risk!