Rings, many, and in different shapes

What accessories do you choose for your Ego Soleil Outfits? If your answer includes rings, then you are quite happy to read about this latest fashion trend.

Rings can be both discrete and in your face, and they are the perfect accessory for any type of outfit. In addition, they are a perfect complement to your manicure. The best part about rings is that you can wear them one by one or pair them for a more dramatic effect.

Image source: http://www.fashionisers.com/trends/spring-summer-2017-accessory-trends/

As it can be seen, one ring is no longer enough. The more the merrier.  For the Spring/ Summer 2017 collection, Hermes opted to complement the outfits with geometrical rings, while Missoni went for nature inspired designs. For Gucci, the rings followed the famous saying: "the more, the merrier".

As you can observe, there are many types of rings that you can choose to complement your Ego Soleil outfit. It is only a matter of which one you select. Maybe even a combination of all three. Who knows? I guess it is time to start experimenting. Oh, and do not forget to check out the catalog from Ego Soleil, maybe the outfits there inspire you to get some rings.