Platforms all the way

Summer is here and we are already enjoying the hot weather and going to the beach on the weekends. So, you have finally found something that you want to wear in order to help you cope with the heat, you found a bag, some sunglasses, but there is still a problem. What shoes should you wear?

Well, by looking at the Spring / Summer runway collections, many designers have opted to pair their outfits with platforms. Why should you do the same? To be honest, they are way more comfortable than normal heals and they look amazing.It is like looking tall, without the pain of normal heels. Isn’t that great?

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There were three styles that caught our eyes. The first is a black rock style platform by Proenza Schouler, with a yellow sole. It pairs perfectly with most of the pieces from the Ego Soleil collection.

The second one is a bit more colorful and has a fringe-like application on the front of the shoe. It is a more playful style that Marco de Vinzcenzo opted to display.

As for the third platform, Michael Kors opted to present us a classic design. with a cork like heel and a flowery pattern that perfectly dresses the foot in an elegant way.

There is just one question left to ask: which shoe do you like best? Oh, and what outfit would you pair it with?