New York, an inspiration

New York, New York, it's so nice that you've got to say it twice. Ego Soleil knows that as it gets most of its inspiration from the impressive architecture of the Big Apple.

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Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most iconic bridges in the US. It is also where the brand has taken the idea of diagonal stripes. The pattern of this dress resembles the design present in the architecture of the bridge. Something minimalistic, that makes a statement.

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Looking at this asymmetrical blouse combined with the colorful scarf, we can only think about one thing: The Empire State Building. Even though the iconic monument is quite symmetrical, Ego Soleil took the inspiration to a new level. Just think about it. The white blouse reminds us of the monochromatic structure of the building, while the colorful scarf reminds us of how it lights up an night. Right? Just envision it.

Looking at New York though the eyes of Ego Soleil, gives it a new meaning. And what is the best way to stroll down the streets of one of the greatest fashion capitals in the world than by wearing designs inspired by the Big Apple itself? I guess that you need to try them out in order to truly experience the city.