Nail polish colors trending this summer

A manicure can either complete an outfit or it can make it look odd. If you want to get your nails noticed this summer, you should try out some colors that are trending this season. On the runway, the styles/ types of colors that appeared most on the models' nails included: punchy neons, creamy pastels, and of course, classic nudes.

Which style should you choose? Well, if you were wondering which one goes best with the Ego Soleil style, the answer will surprise you: all of them. It is up to you to see which best suits your mood and your appeal. 

If you want to go for something a bit more daring, then punchy neons are the way to go. If you are more of a simple but sweet type of person, you can go for creamy pastels. Finally, if you are more into being safe, you can always choose classic nudes. Of course, you can try something different and mix and match these styles. It all depends of your personal style and also your mood. Either way, remember to paint your nails, as they are an important part of your overall look.