Nail Polish Colors that are trending this Spring

Spring is here and we all love the blooming trees and the nice weather. The nature is coming to life and so are our outfits and our looks. We all know that one of the accessories that must always complete our look is the perfect manicure. Even though you can basically wear any color that you want, it is better to try out the trends of the season.

What are the colors trending this Spring? This season, pastels are trending!  From light pinks to soft lavenders and even whites, it is all about colors that are not in your face. However, there are two exceptions to this rule...or maybe three. Try to guess them. If you read the post about fuchsia, then you already know the first exception. The second is cobalt blue, and the third, of course, magenta.

If you want to make your nails stand out a bit, do not forget that glitter is trending this year. Add a bit of shimmer and make your nails more special. It might just be the thing that you need to boost your confidence. So, take out your nail polishes and start making you nails look great or if you want something extra special, go to a nail salon, maybe even get a model or a pattern drawn on them.