Metallic bags, the perfect accessory

It is known for a fact that metallic colors are in. Makeup this year is all about glitter, metallics, and of course holographic finishes. As for accessories, in terms of bags, metallics are the way to go. However, the metallic bag is not easy to pull off, as it is one of the symbols of the 80s style.

The Ego Soleil designs are permissive and as the fabrics and unique shapes of the pieces make the metallic bag blend beautifully. The result is a wonderful combination with a statement accessory that simply enhances the overall look.

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On the runway for the Spring- Summer 2017 collection, many designers presented some metallic bags and they simply looked stunning. Louis Vuitton opted for a golden fish scale like design, while Mulberry decided to go for a more silvery look. Oh, and Marc Jacobs had a combination of the two and incorporated some applications into it, making it a bit more playful.

No matter which style you like best, they all go perfectly with the Ego Soleil designs. Mix and match and the end result might be an incredible outfit with a statement accessory.