Independence Day Independent Woman

Who says that everyone must wear American flag T-shirts only on the Fourth of July? While some prefer to show their pride by wearing American flag t-shirts, the Ego Soleil woman prefers to be chic while demonstrating their American Pride.   

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Wearing red, white, and, blue on Independence day is not necessary. Some women like wearing the color combo, some women do not. If you don’t want to wear all three, you can always opt to wear one color or two colors. This two-piece shirt and pant set is perfect for a beach party or BBQ with a sophisticated, off-the-shoulder, delicate ensemble. 


For the women who love to dress classy chic, this Ego Soleil blue dress with color blocking detail is perfect. This figure flattering dress is perfect for everyone. To transform this dress to being Fourth of July chic, opt for a strappy sandal or a low wedge heel.


Whether hosting or attending a BBQ, attending a party, or relaxing under the stars during a firework display, there are countless opportunities to be stylish. Although Fourth of July may seem to have a restricted color palette, there are still unlimited stylistic combinations. Independence Day is a celebration of liberty and freedom, similar to the life of the Ego Soleil woman.

Be an individual while flaunting your patriotic style on Independence Day!


Happy Fourth of July!