Fuchsia, the color of the season

In case you were wondering what colors are in this season, the answer is simple. Think of the most feminine color that you know and the most common answer will be pink. However, this season is all about getting noticed, about a more impacting color: FUCHSIA.

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We know that fuchsia is really trending, because even the Queen of England was seen wearing a trench coat in this color. And we know for a fact that Her Majesty has the best stylists in the world. Also, Angelina Jolie stepped away from her all time favorite color, black and decided to opt for wearing fuchsia.

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If these are not the signs that you are looking for, then simply walk down the street and you will see that people are starting to embrace it more and more. Whether you are looking to include fuchsia in your outfits either because you are a fan of fashion or because you are a fan of the color, there are some options that you have.

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Remember the Jade Coat that EgoSoleil is going to launch soon? Well, it is also going to be in the color fuchsia. Don't forget to sign up on this website in order to be notified when it is available for purchase. Also remember to check the catalog for more products in the color of the season.