Drawstring Topped Bags are in

You have finally chosen your clothes, your shoes, most of your accessories, but there is just one thing that you left out. Your bag. It is quite annoying. One day you know exactly what bag you want to wear, and suddenly the next day, you find that you want something completely different. Do not panic, because there is a new bag style that is trending. Well, the bag style itself is not so new, but the designs are. I am talking about the Drawstring Topped Bags, which are totally in.

Image source: http://www.fashionisers.com/trends/spring-summer-2017-handbag-trends/

As you can see, there are various styles o drawstring topped bags that you can embrace. You can go for a not so common shape, such as the case of the bag from Altuzarra, choose a combination of two contrasting colors like in the case of Alexander Wang's design, or go more conservative with Salvatore Ferragamo's choice of style.

No matter the design of the bag that you choose to accessorize your Ego Soleil outfit, they all look great. Always keep in mind that the accessories are the ones that can either make or break an outfit. It is really important how you style it.