Caps, both trendy and useful

If one thing is certain, caps are in. They have many different uses along with being a perfect accessory. Caps are your best friend. The sun is shining, but you want to show off your makeup skills, a cap can help. Just think about how much time you spent doing your cat eyeliner. When it finally turns out looking great, you have to wear sunglasses because of the sun. Well, that is where caps turn out handy.

Another great thing about hats, besides the fact that they protect you from the sun is that they are excellent for bad hair days. Just imagine. Your makeup is looking great, your outfit is on point, but the hair is a mess. Well, the hat, once again comes to the rescue. In addition, if it rains, you are covered, or at least your face is.

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There are many styles to choose from for a hat. A few of the caps showcased at Spring / Summer catwalks caught our eye. Off-White showcased an empowering white cap, while Elie Saab opted to show us a glittery version of a cap, and Versus went for the brad logo on a simple cap. No matter which option you choose, there are many outfits, or pieces from Ego Soleil that you can pair a cap with.