Berets are not just for the French

It is true that we all dream of visiting Paris some day, and some of us maybe already have seen the famous city, but one thing is certain: the French love their berets. Simply imagine yourself in the French capital, eating a croissant facing the Eiffel Tower or tasting the famous eclairs after admiring the masterpieces at the Louvre Museum. Add a beret into the equation and you are already halfway Parisian. All you need is to learn a bit of French and you are already there.


If you are wondering what to wear as a head accessory this spring, then berets is the answer. Even though, you might not go to France any time soon, you can bring the French spirit to you by wearing a beret.

The berets seen in the Desigual collection for spring/ summer 2017 were full on gorgeous. Embellished with their famous floral designs and a bit of jewels, they simply stole our hearts. Undercover also joined the trend and adopted a slightly different style for the beret by adorning it with piano keys. Let's just say we have a hard time deciding on which one we like best, so we might just have to get them both.