#beEgoSoleil focuses on women who exemplify the definition of the Ego Soleil woman. The Ego Soleil woman is bold, confident, chic, proactive and driven. She possesses the element of surprise and is always working towards her goals. Last week, the Ego Soleil team had the privilege to meet some of our favorite bloggers and influencers at the Ego Soleil Spring/Summer 2017 Launch event.



Here are some women who exemplify the Ego Soleil woman:


Jessica Cediel


Jessica is an actress, media personality, journalist, and much more. She is an icon to women everywhere for her strength, beauty, and confidence. Jessica recently wore the Rio dress by Ego Soleil on her Univision television show.


Brenda Song 


Brenda Song is a well-known actress and was recently seen wearing our Spencer Top and Grammer Skirt. Brenda is known for her various roles on CBS, NBC, FOX, and Disney Channel. This look is absolutely gorgeous on her and she brightens up the entire photo!


Taye Hansberry



Taye Hansberry is rocking our Jenner Jumpsuit from our newest collection and it looks absolutely stunning on her. She never fails to be chic and exemplifies the Ego Soleil woman with her unique style.


Francis Lola



Francis Lola is a Californian blogger and her wardrobe matches everything her free-spirit perfectly. She loves to play around with different textures and fabrics and we love her carefree attitude. This photo was taken moments before our launch event last week and we are loving the cut and style of this flowy dress with her lace-up heels.


Alicia T. Chew



From Washington D.C., Alicia shows her readers how to style bright, unique pieces that some women fail to experiment with. Her style is effortlessly chic and she inspires her readers to be their best selves.


Elly Brown



The fashionable mother of two sets the bar high for mothers everywhere. Her style is flawless and she makes chic look so easy! Elly’s launch party outfit was so cute and we are loving the figure flattering stripes!

Toshiko Shek


Toshiko’s off-the-shoulder dress is so stylish. She wore this dress during her stay in New York for the Ego Soleil launch party. Everything about Toshiko radiates confidence, style, and simplicity like the Ego Soleil woman. 


Alice Kerley 


 From Houston to NYC, Alice never fails to impress with her flirty, feminine style. Her purse is the perfect pop of color against neutrals and she isn’t afraid to experiment with different color palettes. Alice’s style is bold like the Ego Soleil woman and it was a pleasure seeing her at our launch event.


Ego Soleil re-imagines styles and fashionable pieces with originality. Dedicated to unique fashion and philanthropy, Ego Soleil helps motivate women to give back while looking stylish. 

These women are just a few who have joined us on our journey and we look forward to seeing more women be Ego Soleil.